Participating in a Turkey Bowl in Wauwatosa

Participating in a Turkey Bowl in Wauwatosa

Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching, and you are frantically checking your checklist. Groceries, desserts, and invites, check. So what day is Thanksgiving Day 2019? This year, the big day is on Thursday, November 28th! Fortunately, we have you covered on a Thanksgiving Day Turkey Bowl option, and a Turkey Trot near your Wauwatosa apartments!

History of American Football on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Football go hand-in-hand. Many Turkey Bowl traditions have been ongoing for decades. Each year, families across the US come together to participate in this tradition. There is nothing like waking up on Thanksgiving morning and having a family-friendly game of football! If you don’t already partake in this tradition, we encourage you to start one of your own!

Local Big Games

Nothing says Thanksgiving more than waking up super early, and going for… a trot! This year, the Milwaukee Turkey Trot will be held on the morning of Thanksgiving Day. Runners are encouraged to be in their full turkey regalia, and promptly ready at 8:45 am!

If you are itching for football games to watch on Thanksgiving, why not join instead? This year, the NFL will be awarding a lucky winner (and 10 of his family and friends), a trip to Green Bay, WI! The winner will be able to host their Turkey Bowl at Lambeau Field. The lucky family will also have a play-by-play announcer and a full officiating crew. Now that’s taking your family Turkey Bowl tradition to a professional next level! Click here to follow 3 easy social media steps to register!

Start a family Turkey Bowl tradition

Organizing a Turkey Bowl tradition is a great way to get your loved ones together. There will be fond memories made, while the appetite is being built! A great suggestion is to incorporate a unique tradition of your own into your Turkey Bowl. A fun way to do this is to create your own Turkey Bowl trophy. The more ribbons, whistles, and the more outlandish the trophy is, the better!

Will you be having a Turkey Bowl with your family this Thanksgiving? Share with us in the comments!